Single login through different websites and platforms

(Luís Contreras) #1


This is what we have now (different sites in different domains):

Site 1: phpBB site - 700 users
Site 2: wordpress-vbulletin site - 30.000 users

This is what we plan to have:

Site 1: Migration from phpBB to discourse
Site 2: Migration from vbulletin to discourse. We keep wordpress also
Site 3: New: Site with wordpress and discourse
Site 4: New: Site with wordpress
Site 5: New: Site with wordpress

We have thought using wordpress multisite for SSO through all wordpress sites, but we would like to have all users in the same database and SSO for all sites, using wordpress, discourse, or both.

I have read similar threads but still have no clue if this is possible (I’m not a programmer).

Thank you very much in advance!

(Kane York) #2

I think you should avoid SSO here - just use UN/PW + social logins.