Site Backups and User Uploaded Images

(Bradley Boven) #1

I recently created a new docker install from scratch, exported one of my existing Discourse sites through the backup functionality, and then imported the full backup into the new Discourse instance. Everything transferred over perfectly, including users, posts, settings, etc., however, all user uploaded images appear to be missing. What is the easiest way to get these back if I still have access to the original Discourse instance that I exported from?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you use the backup including files/images, or the backup excluding files/images?

(Bradley Boven) #3

The dialog looks a bit different on mine:

I hit “Yes” to this, and the backup size is the same as the ones that are in my daily backup list. I believe the backup I used was from the daily backup list, but given that they are the exact same size, I imagine that the daily backups also have the uploads?

(Sam Saffron) #4

You are running an old version of Discourse, upgrade to latest.

(Bradley Boven) #5

That’s strange, it always tells used to tell me when I had new updates, my dashboard looks like this:

Hitting the /admin/docker link though does show an upgrade so I’ll do that now.


(Kane York) #6

It shouldn’t have said “Looks like you upgraded recently” if you’re on stable - are Sidekiq and Redis working?

(Neil Lalonde) #7

Have you unchecked the setting to check for updates?

There have been a few versions since 1.0.0, so either your sidekiq is busted or that setting is disabled.