Site broken after upgrade ‘file to import not found or unreadable’

I’ve upgraded to latest version via built-in upgrade:


The site is not completely broken:

I can’t access /admin/ or top level (the site

As far as I can remember, I have no plugins installed. The only customization is custom css and whatever variables you can change via /admin/ UI.

Anyone else seeing that?

Any idea how to solve this?

and doesn’t work either.

My recommendation would be to do a ./launcher rebuild app from the command line.

If it’s an emergency that you’d like to pay for help for, my contact info is in my profile (see also Fix Your Broken Site – Literate Computing, LLC).

I just did a rebuild from the command line with most of the standard plugins installed and it worked just fine.


Thanks a lot for the tip!

./launcher rebuild app (twice, as per its instructions) fixed the problem.


Got same error after latest upgrade

Just about to rebuild the app.

I also encountered this issue on my site after an upgrade. Doing a rebuild corrected the issue.

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Due to a change @joffreyjaffeux introduced very late into the release process, there was a small chance you could run into this based on when you last updated Discourse.

We really need to avoid this kind of mistake in the future, particularly that close to a release.

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Note this bug is actually my bug I have known about it for quite a while and happy that we made some improvements here per:

The solution I have committed for release improves the situation but does not solve it 100%. The root cause is that we want the SHA1 for the asset to be calculated based on on content of the file, but its very tricky to make this happen in an ultra efficient way (allowing for live theme updates and multiple versions of discourse to be live concurrently). At the moment our “digest” uses file dates and some theme information, but its not perfect so plugin upgrades can via admin/upgrade can still potentially be imperfect until we make more fixes.

We are definitely going to be a lot more prudent 1-2 weeks prior to release for 2.1.


Yeah, I have been affected by this and have no SSH access from where I am, so it’s unsolvable for a while, which sucks. I get it that stuff breaks sometimes but I’d thought the process a little safer to do upgrades, to be honest.

Can you upgrade discourse again via the UI, any commit will do really.


I actually figured that would work but it was always stuck on “Checking for latest version” so never eventuated in that. I ended up rescuing mine in a roundabout way by hard-resetting the DigitalOcean root password from the panel and consoling in - crisis averted!


Also just had this issue after the most recent update. Doing a rebuild fixed everything for me :smiley: