Site is not accessible from chrome with this error below

(Edoos) #1

Hello guys,

I get an error when I want to access my site from from chrome. it work on safari but not on chrome can someone help on that please ?

Best regards,

(Stephen Chung) #2

Works on Edge…
shouldn’t be a prob to others

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Your site loads fine for me in Chrome, maybe that user has bad browser settings or a bad plugin that is causing the issue? Is it specific to logged in users or does it also happen to anonymous users?

(Stephen Chung) #4

Maybe you can turn on the “Network” tab in the Chrome developer tools and see if one or more script files failed to load?

Your site works just fine on Edge, FireFox and Chrome on Windows.

(Edoos) #5

Hi guys,

On mine it’s loading in the browser search bar showing the flat icon and then nothing appear on the website only a white page

(Stephen Chung) #6

A screenshot? And copy the F12 screens will help.

(Edoos) #7

YOu mean dev console or only screen ?

(Stephen Chung) #8

Both, I suppose. It is hard to understand what the “flat icon” is and what is the “white page”…

(Daniela) #9

I can not load it on chrome on win 10.

All the script are loaded fine (status 200)

BTW if I open Sources clicking on the ember link (look at the right of the first image of this thread) it gave me the error here:

// If this is not an Engine route, we fall back to the handler for serialization
if (!engineInfo) {

return engineInfo.serializeMethod || _emberRoutingSystemRoute.defaultSerialize;

_setupRouter: function (location) {
  var lastURL = undefined;
  var emberRouter = this;
  var routerMicrolib = this._routerMicrolib;

  routerMicrolib.getHandler = this._getHandlerFunction();
  routerMicrolib.getSerializer = this._getSerializerFunction();

  var doUpdateURL = function () {
location.setURL(lastURL); //HERE THE ERROR
_emberMetal.set(emberRouter, 'currentURL', lastURL);

  routerMicrolib.updateURL = function (path) {
lastURL = path;;

  if (location.replaceURL) {
(function () {
  var doReplaceURL = function () {
    _emberMetal.set(emberRouter, 'currentURL', lastURL);

  routerMicrolib.replaceURL = function (path) {
    lastURL = path;;

  routerMicrolib.didTransition = function (infos) {

  routerMicrolib.willTransition = function (oldInfos, newInfos, transition) {
emberRouter.willTransition(oldInfos, newInfos, transition);

Then a lot of errors about this /* cloudflare-rocketloader v0.11.7 2017-10-09 09:18 ee4e12a */ . I don’t use cloudflare, so I don’t know what is this rocketloader.

(Stephen Chung) #10

CloudFlare is a CDN, which caches your web pages and images etc. Have you been using it?

This may be the problem if you are running behind a CloudFlare CDN which has old versions of the scripts.

Where is the Rocker Loader errors? I don’t see them…

(Daniela) #11

I know what is Cloudflare :rofl: I’m saying that because I don’t use it on my site I don’t know if this rocketlaucher in a standard script or something else. I use let’s encrypt and no CDN and this is not my forum.

(Stephen Chung) #12

Well, something is loading rocket.min.js from CloudFlare, and it certainly is not standard Discourse. Is it a plugin you use?

By the way, have you F5/refresh your screen?

When I loaded the site first time with cache off and dev tools, it came back white screen. After I refreshed, it came back complete.

(Stephen Chung) #13

Well something is definitely fishy here. The first load almost always failed.

After you refresh, it works. I looks suspiciously like a cache situation.

(Stephen Chung) #14

Would you mind turning OFF all your disk and memory caches before you try again?

(Daniela) #15

The refresh do nothing for me and I suspect the same thing for @edoos.

I have cleaned the cache, deleting all, but the errors are still here, tried again a second time (to clear all) and now the site is ok.

So @edoos, @schungx has given you the solution to your problem.

(Stephen Chung) #16

Oops! Sorry, @Trash I didn’t realize you’re somebody else. :sweat_smile:

Next time I should pay more attention to the avatars!

(Edoos) #17

@codinghorror @schungx Hello guys, In cloudfare settings I have ignore caching this subdomain but I still have the problems and the bug come after an update of discourse + composer.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Turn off cloudflare completely. We already have multiple reports of problems with them.