Site layout suddenly broken!

(Rich) #1


Has there been any update to the hosted forums HTML or default CSS?

We got reports from our users about 20 minutes ago that the layout of our Discourse site is now broken and we know no-one at our end has made any theme changes.

Be great to get some clarification on this before I go and try and fix this in the custom theme.



(Rich) #2

It seems that this flex rule has broken our once single column layout into two columns. I’ve gone through our themes custom stylesheets and this rule does not seem to be coming from our code, which has not been altered in weeks as it stands anyway, so I’m fairly sure this isn’t something that’s happened at our end.

Is this an update to the global Discourse stylesheet? I’d like to know what’s causing this before I attempt to override it.

(Régis Hanol) #3

All our css is available here.

Seems like this change was introduced in

(Rich) #4

Yup, just found it too! Thanks for pointing me to the Git repo, that was a great help.

I’ve bodged it in our theme by overriding it as a display: block !important for now. Worrying that this could happen though.

It feels like the custom theming ability is at risk of any core changes you guys need to make. I’m wondering if we should remove our custom theme and just alter color scheme and logo to be safe!

(Régis Hanol) #5

Just using a color scheme is :100:% safe.

Overwriting classes is usually safe as we don’t change them that often, but we’re currently going through a refactoring in order to better organize our stylesheets and facilitate theming (cf. our new style guide plugin)

(Rich) #6

Cool, good to know. Our theme is probably overly custom in my opinion so given there are likely to be more changes if you guys are refactoring we’ll roll back to something simpler.