Site logo disappears after restoring backup from older version

@tgxworld when does the MigrateUrlSiteSettings job kick off? Or how can I manually execute it?

My Issue

I’m losing my site logos when I restore a backup from an older version of discourse (v2.1.0) I thinks it’s caused by Easier logo changes for site admins The original logos were configured via the setup wizard.

Repro Steps

  1. Pull latest discourse tests-passed branch
  2. cd into the discourse folder
  3. sudo rm -rf data
  4. ./bin/docker/boot_dev --init
  5. ./bin/docker/rails s
  6. (new terminal tab) ./bin/docker/sidekiq
  7. (in browser) http://localhost:3000
  8. Enable ‘Allow Restore’ > Upload a backup (from v2.1.0) > Restore the uploaded backup

When the restore completes, my site loads fine, but I now have my site title where the site logo should be (top-left corner of the header)

I’ve traced the issue back to MigrateUrlSiteSettings job not having run yet, but cannot figure out how that’s actually invoked. Any ideas how to get past this?

If you’re on a dev instance you need to start up sidekiq manually.

This will work on production, or, maybe you’ll need to fix it one time. There have been some changes in how those logos work lately, so reloading an old image might just always cause problems. I’d move to the next thing on your list.

It executes automatically once every 10 minutes as long as Sidekiq is running.


Sidekiq is running. There’s a handful of failures, so maybe something with the dev environment. After hours, I’ll take a droplet snapshot and try this in prod. Thanks, guys.