Site settings for custom plugin are ignored after discourse update

(Krischan) #1

I built a very basic plugin that teases a certain topic at the top of my site. After a recent discourse update all my site settings for that plugin are ignored. I tried to rebuild the container, disabled the plugin and enabled it again, but to no avail. Could anyone please help?
Here’s the plugin:

And here you see the broken plugin at the top:


(Mittineague) #2

Yes, there have been changes made in how plugin outlets work

(Krischan) #3

Thanks! I read it a couple of times, but - since I’m not a developer - I didn’t really get what to do. Could you give me a hint what to change in my code? Or is my solution just not possible anymore?

(Mittineague) #4

I’m still learning what has changed myself.

Please do not install the plugin as it will most likely break your Discourse depending on what state it is in.

It is working for the next couple of hours (until I break it again - I go through repetitive tweak - fix - tweak cycles)

So if you download it within the next couple of hours it should be good enough to use it as example code.

This isn’t as “minimal” but it might be a better study