Site title hiding error message

(Sami Syed) #1

How do I prevent the site title from blocking the error message? the reason I made it that long is for SEO but it seems that it covers up the error message

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you intentionally using text instead of a site logo image?

(Sami Syed) #3

Nope I am not doing that. Is there a setting I can check to confirm?


What is in your logo_url and logo_small_url settings? (You can change these by rerunning the setup wizard.)

(Sami Syed) #5

forum.theprojectvanlife .com/uploads/db3517/original/1X/96d628893b78eed1d69a92a6c5cc716189bb5836.png

is the logo url for both of those settings