Site uses https but links only recognised with http

(James Cook) #1

I’ve noticed that my new site uses https whereas my old site uses http. I don’t remember specifying this anywhere and can’t find an option other than force SSL. This is unchecked.

When people post site links into topics, the site links are being treated as though they’re external links. When I switch those links to http they’re recognised as internal links.

Does anyone know whereabouts I’ve misconfigured something?

Thanks for your help.

(Wes Osborn) #2

Assuming you are on a docker install, you might want to check your app.yml file for any ssl/https references. If you’re not using the docker install method, then you’ll probably have to check elsewhere (with whomever gave you the setup instructions you used) for support.

This article might give you some idea of where to look. You’d want to attempt to do these steps in reverse, since it sounds like you’re trying to remove HTTPS.

If you have a public site, you might want to include some links to posts on the site where the links are correct so folks could take a look at it for clues as to what might be happening.

(James Cook) #3

Thanks for the reply. I realised it was Cloudflare adding the https. All sorted now.