Sitemap Recent Point to ?page=2 URL, Is It Correct?

Recently, I have checked below path and found ?page=2 in few topics.


When I visit sitemap number 3, I could not find that include “?page=2” in any topics.

I think it should not be include in “?page=2” tag in sitemap recent xml file.


When I search “discourse Brand header theme component page 8” on google found two URL Index as below image. (There should be only 1 URL need to index in google)

As per screen shot one URL is ~ and second URL is ~

As per below image, Canonical URL is changing when new reply post on topics. So currently there canonical URL is “?page=8”.

Suggestion: There should be single canonical URL Like this ~

Please correct me If I have made wrong analysis.

That is by design. Discourse uses 20 posts long pages for the crawler view, to allow long topics to have all their posts indexed. Nothing to see here.


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