Sketchfab Onebox Compatibility?

(Aaron Makaruk) #1

Does Onebox support Sketchfab embeds?

This resource says that Sketchfab supports the oEmbed protocol.

(Eric Schleicher) #2

works on my instance… i did not that the entry in the post has to

  1. be on it’s own line
  2. have a blank line above it.

let me know if this works for you.


(Jeff Atwood) #3

Did you add that URL to the oneboxing whitelist in the admin settings?

(Aaron Makaruk) #4

Hey @Eric_Schleicher - can you embed the sketchfab model in this thread so I can see it? @codinghorror - no I didn’t white list the url in the onebox settings - can you tell me what url I should add? Thanks guys.

(Eric Schleicher) #5

here is the one of the sketchfab models that work just fine on my instance

on my instance, i did whitelist sketchfab, i didn’t recall that since i was flipping knobs late nite.

an a pic of a post with one.

(Aaron Makaruk) #6

@Eric_Schleicher @Eric_Schleicher

Hey Guys,

I whitelisted in my OneBox settings:

It worked using the full url, not the short “direct link” that sketchfab generates.

Thank you!


I don’t want to resurrect an old thread but it seems the plugin has changed. I’m on the hosted service and I’m trying to get sketchfab working.

Does it even work with the cloud service Onebox installation?

(Blake Erickson) #8

Oneboxing sketchfab should work just fine. Here is an example url that works:

Can you post the url that isn’t oneboxing?