Skimlinks JS Code Installation Error

Currently, I have installed skimlinks js code into discourse forum from below guide.

When i tested that link then it working as properly when copy link address and paste in other tab.
[Link shows as… (followed by a long referral link) ]

But when i click on that website name and it will open into next tab then its open normal link without affiliate link.

Method 1 Copy Link Address working properly from below guide, but not working when i click on that link on my forum.

Is there any setting or code need to add into discourse forum to run code properly?

I hope question will be clear.

It is unlikely this is compatible with Discourse. You would need to direct your support requests to them.

When i discuss with them, I have found out that when i click on that link with Ctri + Left Click then it’s open affiliate link.

If i click on that with only left click then its open as normal link.

I hope my query is easy to understand.

is there any setting where i have to tick mark or anything like that?

One more thing I can find that, when I click link from mobile device showing below error.

Is there anyone have same type issue?

A few of us at SitePoint have noticed this recently. AFAICT, for us anyway, it’s when clicking on a link in a deleted post. My guess is it has something to do with the link tracker not finding an id value (broken foreign key?).

Because for us it’s a Moderator-only thing, it’s not really priority.

Anyway, I think looking into the link tracker code would be a good place for you to start.



How to disable External Link ‘click’ tracking?

In previous version, i have found that option in “Basic Setup” tab.

I am using discourse current version is v2.2.0.beta4 +299 and could not find above option.

Has anybody disable the above option?

I get that error intermittently and it’s annoying. I’ve always wondered if I can whitelist specific external links to prevent this.