Slidedog stealing my google, Discourse bug or problem?

(Charles) #1

About 2 weeks ago I setup a Discourse self-hosted install. Today I googled my domain name verbatim to see the results. I was shocked to see another Discourse site “SlideDog” displayed as title for the domain I own. I host on a private VPS, private IP address, not a shared host.

57 PM

How could my domain show up as the top result with a different Discourse install that I have nothing to do with? SlideDog does have it’s own domain. Strangely enough, the google cache for that result points to SlideDog and says it was captured 2 days ago. Is this an exploit, bad redirect for bots, broken sitemap generated by Discourse pointing external for non-humans?

The 2nd and 3rd Google results are correct.

Worried and confused~

My forum is opened with another link
(Felix Freiberger) #2

This is very weird indeed. As far as I can see, you did everything right, including setting up HTTPS.
Your site and also appear to have nothing in common except for both being hosted with DigitalOcean (but in different countries). I only have two explanations for this:

  • This could be a very weird issue on Google’s side.
  • Theoretically, some weird temporary routing issue on DigitalOcean’s side could have affected Google’s view of your site.

Both explanations don’t make too much sense, maybe someone else has a better idea?

Either way, what I’d recommend is that you sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. There, you should be able to check how Google sees your site (hopefully it’s your site now!), and if things look good there, ask Google to re-index your site now (so this clears up ASAP).

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

Did you changed your IP address recently?

(Charles) #4

IP has been the same for last 2 weeks, original IP assigned to me when i created the droplet.

(Charles) #5

Good idea, will do that asap. Will also ask Digital Ocean if any known network issue could’ve caused this