SMTP Errors on latest

(Ker Ruben Ramos) #1

Net::SMTPFatalError: 554 Transaction failed: Illegal header ‘Discourse-Post-Id’.

Should this header be sent only if needed?

Using SES here. And here’s a related info about this. AWS Developer Forums: Illegal header ‘Precedence’ ...

Instead of using “Discourse-Post-Id” directly, how about we use “X-Discourse-Post-Id” for these custom headers?


(Robin Ward) #2

Oops, totally my fault. I did not realize that adding an extra header could prevent email from working.

I’ve just comitted a fix to use X-Discourse-* for headers. I’ll probably take it a step further and remove the headers altogether since they only really need to be used internally but this should fix the problem until I do that.

(Ker Ruben Ramos) #3

Thanks a lot. It’s working now.

(Robin Ward) #4