SMTP for large user base

(Durga Viswanath Gadiraju) #1

I have configured email through gmail.

After certain limit gmail is blocking due to too many emails. How to overcome this issue?
Do I need to go with 3rd party mail server?

(Matt Palmer) #2

You shouldn’t use gmail for outgoing e-mail except for initial testing purposes. We recommend using a dedicated third-party mail relaying service for all production Discourse instances.

(Durga Viswanath Gadiraju) #3

Can you recommend some 3rd party tools?

(Nam Nguyen) #4

here you are


If I have to setup my own SMTP mail server for cheap, I would use Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

(Kenny DuBose) #6

@viet are you aware of or do you have any instructions for setting up Amazon’s SES for Discourse?