SMTP Settings on Azure VM

(Chris Stephens) #1


I’m very new to both Discourse and to Azure VMs. I have a VM set up and I have Discourse running on it fine. I am currently the only user on the system and I am having trouble finding out where to add any SMTP settings so that Discourse can send emails (thus enabling me to invite a couple of other test users to the board).

The only similar topics I can find seem to suggest editing a particular file and then issuing a command line command to restart the server. I can’t get either at the file or at any sort of command line interface in my Azure VM, so I can’t follow the recommended solution.

I am fully prepared to believe that this is all totally possible on an Azure VM and that I am jusat missing something as to how it is done.

Any help would be very gratefully received.



(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

How did you install Discourse? Did you follow the official guide? That one needs using a terminal and accessing your server with SSO, the same way you change SMTP settings.

(Chris Stephens) #3

I just clicked a link at thge Azure portal and it did it for me.

(Chris Stephens) #4

Ah, I’ve found out how to get command line access. Should be straight forward now.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

Which link was that? Could you take a screenshot of it? If it was this link:

…then you’re running on a Bitnami install, which we don’t officially support because they’re (currently) forking Discourse in order to install it.