Social media take the logo as article photo

(Adrianbblk) #1

Hi everyone,

I saw that social networks like Facebook and Twitter take my forum logo as the photo for shared links even the topic has at least one photo. If it is shared from a mobile device facebook or twitter do not let you chose the photo.

Is there a way to fix it?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Which link? If it is a topic link make sure the first post has a large enough image.

(Adrianbblk) #3

Yes, is about a topic, and yes the first post has a large image.

(Adrianbblk) #4

Hm… I think I found the problem, my logo file has a very big size an probably facebook choose the biggest one. What’s the proper size for the logo file?

(Colin Marshall) #5

What you can do is use Chrome inspector to figure out the exact dimensions it takes up when it’s scaled to fit in the Discourse header. Then save and upload a new copy that’s 2x the size of those dimensions so it looks good on Retina/hidpi screens.

(Adrianbblk) #6

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Why would be that different for me? I guess almost any discuss forum should have the same best size of the logo :wink:

(Colin Marshall) #7

Because all logos don’t have the same width and proportions.

(Colin Marshall) #8

It looks like most themes have the logo with a max height of 40px. So I would make it so your logo has a height of 80px, and the width will depend on your logo.