Socket connections to DBs

(improper) #1

Making my first steps with Discourse, trying to install it at

The usual way there is to use socket (filesystem) connections to PgSQL and Redis, mainly for security reasons – shared hosting.

Now I had a look at discourse_quickstart.conf and found no option for sockets. Is it supported out of the box?


(Kane York) #2

If you use the Docker install, all of the encapsulation is handled for you. A LXC is created with Docker and everything runs inside of it.

Note that your first step should be to provision a subdomain for the forum. Discourse cannot run on a subpath.

Also, you shouldn’t put signatures on your posts. We have the usercard for that.

(Sam Saffron) #3

sockets work fine: discourse/discourse_defaults.conf at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(improper) #4

Thanks. Docker is not an option for me.

Socket for PgSQL was not a problem; for Redis I had to patch config/redis.yml and lib/discourse_redis.rb.

Seems to work now.

(Matthias Neuhauser) #5


Can you please share your configs with me? I am about to install discourse on uberspace and I am stuck at the redis socket problem.

Would be really nice!

(improper) #6

I don’t run that setup any more. All that is left are some notes, but they don’t go into detail on Redis:


(Kane York) #7