Solution marker overlapping with other elements

After the recent Discourse update on our site, i see a bit of an overlap between Solution “marker” and over elements when using on mobile (Latest Chrome, Android 10):

I don’t see this here. And here it uses different checkmark style. I don’t remember exactly, as i’m not the one who set our Discourse up, but i think some solution add-in was used to add such functionality. Maybe it is not needed anymore and there is a built-in feature or maybe here different add-in is used?

Before the recent update it was only showing the checkmark and there was no overlap. I guess text marker was introduced and this add-in doesn’t accommodate for that. Looks ok on desktop (Firefox).

Oh, the style of a checkbox/check mark depends if you are logged in and have permissions to remove/set it. So i guess it should be the same add-in/feature. Just a weird overlap on our site where i am an admin/moderator.

I think you should update to latest Discourse of it is not happening here.

It was updated recently and then this issue appeared. As i’m not an admin here i can’t check if it is working better here.