[SOLVED] Slow instance - possibly passenger related?

(Pat David) #1

I run a small discoures instance over at discuss.pixls.us. We’ve only got about 55 users, with 70-ish topics and ~350 posts at the moment. It’s all running on a 2GB droplet at digital ocean.

I notice that after a few hours or so, the site starts to load very slowly (40-60+ seconds at best - sometimes worse). After poking around a bit, I noticed a while back that passenger-status was showing the queue stuck at 100 requests when the site was almost completely non-responsive. This was fixed by touching restart.txt.

When the site begins to feel very sluggish again, touching restart.txt would begin rolling shutdowns of passenger processes, and immediately the site becomes snappy again.

I’m on v1.4.0.beta1 +34.

Is this something anyone else may have noticed?

Frequent forum down
(Sam Saffron) #2

Use our docker based setup, it is the only supported setup and does not exhibit this problem

(eriko) #3

I made this move last week. Load on the old server hosting other apps dropped in half. Then server with the same specs running docker is at about 25% of the load while also running postgresql and redis. The backup and restore was very clean.

For that last month I had been having some odd performance and functionality issues. These were solved by moving to docker.

(Pat David) #4

I am looking into migrating now. Thanks!

Am I to understand that this problem is known, and doesn’t occur in the docker setup, or that nobody has reported this problem with the docker setup?

(eriko) #5

No not know by me. I just know that performance was more of an issue while running on passenger.

I played with the passenger resource controls some and stabilized things a bit by throwing allot more resources at it. That helped some. I think I mainly increased the PassengerMinInstances so there were a lot of instances just sitting around waiting to do something.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

More to the point, we do not support any install except the Docker install. And all our internal hosting is done via Docker. There are good reasons for that :wink: