Solved topics are no longer clear

The new UI has changed the way that the Solved plugin displays that a topic has been marked as solved, and it’s now very easy to miss this.

Here’s an example;

But if you head to and look for a solved topic, you will see what I mean.

Is it possible to change this tickbox at all?

Sure, there are css adjustments that can be made and I noticed the alignment is a bit off, can you post a screenshot of what you would like ?

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You can try to select the color (red is an example, green…). Add css.

svg.d-icon-check-square-o {
	color: red;

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It’d be great to have something a bit more obvious than just changing the colour. Can we revert to the previous icon, or something a little solid-er?

This is what is on the menu in latest font awesome. Technically we can bundle the old icon as well, but I am not sure how diff it is.

Search for check here to compare

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I think the first check-square, with the solid background would be a bit more obvious.

If that’s already bundled, then just point me to how I can change it and I’ll see how I go :slight_smile:

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No probs either @awesomerobot or @Johani will help you out once Monday clocks in


Thanks mate, now it’s time for you to clock off and enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


@Mark_Walkom I’ve gone ahead and made the requested change and you should now see the solid icon instead. Please have a look and let us know if everything is to your liking.


Thanks for that.
Is it possible to increase the size, specifically to the same height as the text beside it?

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 17.06.01.png

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Of course! I’ve bumped up the font-size of the icon to match that of the text next to it. Please let us know if that works for you or if any more changes are needed.

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Thanks for this, looks much clearer :slight_smile: