Some click counter missing including old post

Some click counter missing, including old post which can appear without problem in the past.

How can I solve this issue? Thanks for help.

counter missing pages:

counter appearing pages:

Wondering if the fix cause the issue. The fixed code update 7 days ago, and the issue occurred almost at the same time.

Can you take a look @nbianca ?


This is a strange bug. I am only able to reproduce it sometimes, but the fix below will make the “pick the best element” more resilient:


Thanks for @nbianca’s help. Just upgrade to the most update version, unfortunately the solution doesn’t fix the issue.

Sorry for the confusion. The fix was only merged two hours ago, can you update and try again now?


Thanks for @nbianca’s help again. Here comes the testing result:
The first one still has problem. Weird thing: a few hyperlinks appear the counting while most of them still no show.
The second one fixed.

BTW, the English system font changed after updating to the most update version.

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@nbianca Sorry to bother you. Is this issue still in the fixing list? Thank you.

The new build solved this problem. No idea which part fix it.