Some danish translations are not appearing

(Pascal dHermilly) #1

It looks like some of the Danish translations are missing. Is it because of a misconfiguration or are they actually not in the source.
It looks like this:

They are translated in Transifex. How do make them appear?

(Arpit Jalan) #2

It seems like none of the strings for Danish language is marked as reviewed on Transifex.

I just promoted you to Reviewer for Danish team on Transifex, if you will mark the translated strings as reviewed, they will be pulled in next time we update translations.

(Pascal dHermilly) #3

Strange since a lot of the strings actually are translated in Discourse. Are you sure it’s because they are not reviewed yet?

Anyway will take a look at it…
OMG! 2053 strings for review…

(Sebastien Miquerolle) #4

All texts translated are in the client.xx / server.xx . You don’t need to review it :slight_smile:

But maybe they are translated in Transifex, but not yet updated on github

(Régis Hanol) #5

Yeah, I’m not sure we actually do that. @neil can you confirm?

(Neil Lalonde) #6

We pull in translations even if they aren’t marked as reviewed.

The Danish translations are in the source, and work when I tried:

Transifex shows that created_lowercase was translated only 13 days ago, so maybe you’re using a version from more than 13 days ago.

(Pascal dHermilly) #7

@neil I think you are right. I am using a version from about 2 weeks ago.
I’ll upgrade. Thanks.