Some keys are not recognized by Transifex as pluralized, e.g.

(Anton) #1

Even though Russian pluralization keys have been recently updated in the Discourse codebase, I just caught a few problems in the GUI:

Correct keys are one, few and other, so few is a correct key.
However, Transifex does not recognize that the key can be pluralized:

Compare with another example where pluralization is recognized by Transifex:

So there should be something wrong with some keys because Transifex does not recognize they can be prlualized and thus we do not have where to input translations for the few pluralization keyword.

Keys affected:

  • js.filters.unread.title
  • admin.badges.preview.grant_count

My guess is that in the client.en.yml file some pluralization keys are missing and that leads to Tranfiex not recognizing that a particular key should be pluralized:

      zero: "Unread"
      one: "Unread (1)"
      other: "Unread ({{count}})"

Here the few is missing, while zero is not expected. For English it should be one, few and other.

It may be useful to add some validation over the original English YML files and force keys have either all or none pluralization sub-keys.