Some kind of notification when keyboard shortcuts do something off-screen

(Rikki Tooley) #1

Continuing the discussion from Keyboard shortcuts wish list:

  1. Go to any topic
  2. Accidentally press m
  3. Leave topic and never hear from that topic again.

For most of the keyboard shortcuts some UI pops up and stays there so you know something has happened… not so for m, r, t, w, f, b, l and maybe some others.

Keyboard shortcuts aren't rate limited
(Sam Saffron) #2

Agree, we need a general pattern for “display transient message to user”

Something like

Instructions on right and feedback on "wrong" keyboard shortcut usage
(cpradio) #3

I’ll throw this on my list. I might be able to get to it tonight (at least starting it).

@sam, anything I need to know about adding additional frameworks to Discourse?

(Rikki Tooley) #4

I was thinking also of a general keypress feedback mechanism, in addition to action confirmation. Like how in Visual Studio it says the combination you’re pressing in the status bar as you type it. Or like in the training mode of Street Fighter :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sam Saffron) #5

Our preference is always to use ember components here if possible

Cloning the patterns/design

Adding additional frameworks to Discourse
(Rikki Tooley) #6

Sorry sam, what do you mean: what are the ember components/pattern/design related to this topic?

(cpradio) #7

I opened a topic to specifically talk about this:
Adding additional frameworks to Discourse :wink:

(Rikki Tooley) #8

Oops, I got an email about @sam’s post, which had my post directly below, so I thought he was replying to mine Makes sense now!

(Sam Saffron) #9

This is basically the same topic as:

Closing in favor of that.

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