Some mod actions cannot be undone at all?

(Wolftune) #1

There seem to be some ways where even an admin cannot undo a (potentially mistaken) moderator action.

For example, a mod can disagree with their own flagging of a post. In that case, the same mod cannot flag the post again. That process seems to permanently block the mod from flagging the post, no way to undo.

There’s Undo official warning too

Finally, it seems from my testing that if a mod chooses “agree” and “hide post” after flagging notification, the mod (even as admin) cannot change their mind and show the post again. There appears to be no function to unhide the post other than the original poster editing it.

Am I missing something?

mod-mode could help avoid

If it were possible for mods to log out of mod mode or similar have an extra step to take for a “sudo mode” type of thing, that could at least be an appropriate way to be extra careful around non-undoable actions. But, as a UX generality, extra blocks and warnings before taking permanent actions are still not as optimal as having working undo.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is nonsensical. Why would the same person flag the same post twice? I think your testing methodology is quite broken.

Incorrect, press the admin wrench action on the post, then unhide.

(Wolftune) #3

Of course it’s nonsensical. The methodology was merely testing the tools to see what does what. We identified that this method results in a mod blocking themselves from flagging a post. I’m fine enough with this just being the case, it’s not a situation we’d ever expect to have outside of test-playground.

But I was verifying that we’re seeing everything as expected. One could think that mods or at least admins would always be able to take certain actions no matter what, and that even nonsensical actions couldn’t possibly block that.

Apparently, this sort of thing is possible (an admin can be barred from flagging, for example). Not a problem in practice, just now we understand something about how the system works.

Got it, sorry for the hassle, you’re right.