Some queries prior to considering Discourse


This is one of those presales type topics and I am not sure which section to start it in.

So I had been thinking about bringing content to the forefront of user experience. I had a rudimentary view in my head on how to keep front page, categories, use tags and make life simpler for anyone visiting the site for the first time. The way forums are structured these days is not very intuitive for a new age user. Take the very example of a post new topic button. So imagine my happiness when I came across Discourse.

That aside I had a few concerns about it. I want to do a test migration and play with it for a few weeks before doing the final switch (already feel the jitters). Had a few questions though before I can start:

  1. Is there a XenForo importer to migrate the forums? I don’t think anyone has bothered with it yet.
  2. Does anyone offer migration services and also help setup the permanent redirects so that I do not lose out on search traffic
  3. How about advertisements? How and where do I insert ads to be able to support the forum. Has anyone experienced revenue loss due to the infinite scroll nature of pages.
  4. Are there enough developers who can help setup a custom extension script should I need one in the future.
  5. I am used to the upload files and run installer from browser method in the past so I think this will be a steep learning curve to setup and manage.
  6. How does licensing work for the own setup, One time and/or recurring?

Once I have the test migration done I think I would be in a better position to evaluate other nuts and bolts.

Any guidance is highly appreciated.


5: Using docker it isn’t that hard, but yes it will take some hours when you are new to Linux.
6: Self-hosting is completely free, there are no costs involved at all .


Thanks for clarifying those two points. Another question - What would be a good setup Proc/RAM for a 800K monthly pageviews forum?

@codinghorror - I guess you would be the best person to answer the first question on XF migration. :smile:

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Nope, does not exist yet. See below. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could migrate XenForo to Vanilla, then migrate from Vanilla to Discourse. Might suffice for a first test run at least.

There are two active hosting services specialising in Discourse:

Both offer forum migrations as part of their service.

*Migration is not part of the one-time install offer afaik. Ask @codinghorror
**Migration might incur extra charges. Ask @michaeld

There is a frequently updated Google Adsense plugin. Search around and you’ll find discussions like this one to catch you up on the status quo.

Yes, there are enough developers. We’ve already observed generalist Ruby/Rails freelancers picking up Discourse and making plugins for it without too much effort. And the upcoming v1.2 version is going to focus on improved extensibility.

I’m like that too. Fiddling with phpMyAdmin to set up a database for WordPress to populate with its installer is the full extent of my sysadmin prowess. Even so, I didn’t have any trouble setting up Discourse on Digital Ocean as a test. I highly recommend you give it a go.

[quote=“SubStrider, post:1, topic:21948”]
How does licensing work for the own setup, One time and/or recurring?
[/quote]What are you referring to? If you set it up yourself, you don’t owe anyone anything, except your hosting provider. If you purchase the “one-time install”, that’s a one-time fee. No recurring costs, but no support either, “like it says on the tin”.


After I extract the forum dump through vanilla exporter do I need to import it to vanilla first or I can directly use it with DIscourse importer?

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I haven’t tried this myself but it seems like it’s not necessary: