Some question for migrate a big vBulletin board to Discourse

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After use Discourse with a professionnal project, I love it so much, I would like to use it for my community.
Do you think I could use it with a board with
Topic : 29 369
Messages : 199 195
Members : 27 259

I’ve read some topics about vBulletin importer but sorry, I’m a noob and don’t understand everything. Specially about requirements.

  • I’ve my vBulletin board on a standard installation Apache + Php + MySQL on a Debian server
  • I’ve got my test server with openSUSE at home and Discourse (from docker image installation)

I’ve read topic that I’ve got to map id vbulletin group to discourse one …
But that’s nearly all what I’ve understand …

I suppose I’ve to duplicate my vBulletin installation to my openSUSE server for everything … But how the Docker container will read data from “outside” as in my /srv/www/ directory even if I’ve got a database dump with vbulletin files ?

I wish a step by step howto or something with more detail than I could read into the script parameter :frowning: ( I know I’m asking a lot …)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Scale wise no problem based on those numbers.

As long as your server can handle a Docker install and has solid cpu and ram and disk you should be fine there.

We do have an open source importer, but the tooling there assumes you are a developer or close to it. We hope to improve that story over the next year or two and make it easier to import…

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Ok that’s why I can understand everything.
If I can’t find this profile in my community, can you send me by PM pricing for this migration ? My community is non profit organization (no ads, no paid services, it leaves only by donate from member for paid hosting service)

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The pricing is already on the buy page at, have a look there.

(Doctor Who) #5

Sure but … Is it 99$ offer (it’s for installation not migration ?)
Or about the 200$ offer we do not need hosting, just the migration task

Also no special billing for non profit organization ? :frowning:

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Unfortunately we do not offer migration services outside of hosting. You can try posting in the marketplace category here?

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Ok thanks for your kind answer @codinghorror, I will do it as possible :slight_smile: