Some topics don't show a category (for just 1 category)

(D00137007) #1

The forum is -removed-, as you can see some topics have no category (in the UI) even though they do have a topic. The category is called -removed- and even if you click in to a topic that’s in there you don’t see the category at the top of the page.

Anyone have any ideas? I can see it in the list of categories. I’ve a strange feeling that this was “uncategorized” but I renamed it to “Random” - maybe this had an impact somehow?

It’s just annoying because on the homepage there are some posts missing the category completely, thanks for Discourse by the way - it’s brilliant.

(cpradio) #2

If you did rename uncategorized to Random, you will want to look for the admin > setting, suppress uncategorized badge

(D00137007) #3

Wow - easy! Thanks a lot.