Someone else's domain is pointing to my forum. Are there measures I can take to block?

(achamess) #1

Hi all. This is an odd issue, so bear with me. I know it’s not a unique problem about a Discourse forum, implementing a specific solution for my forum is where I could use the help.

So some random person has directed a ridiculous domain to my forum, and my forum appears on that domain.

My forum:

The rando website (kind of funny name):

I want to block this. I’ve seen some suggested tricks like:

Any advice on some code I can use to block this site, and also where in Discourse would I put it?

Found My Clone Discourse Website on another domain
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

The proper solution is to serve your site via HTTPS. This has come up before here, and that is the only certain solution.

(achamess) #3

Thanks! I’ll do that.

(achamess) #5

It works. Sadly, Google still indexed with my site content, so if you put in search terms “Go Fish Carolinas” you get talktomycheeks. But hopefully that changes after I add more content.

I still can’t believe my site is getting harrassed by talk to my cheeks. Crazy.

In any case, the https now forces a redirect to my site.

Thanks for the help.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Its now a very strong redirect, so it should be dropped off google fairly soon.