Sort by Topic Creation Date - by category, not ALL


Hello, can someone tell me how do I sort by Topic Creation Date on a category by category basis?

I see this thread is closed already

It says to use latest?order=created but can this be used on a category by category basis so that I am only viewing the topics in a particular category by topic creation date?

I assume I append latest?order=created to the URL but it doesn’t work. It only works for viewing ALL topics.

Any advice would be appreciated.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Edit the category to set the default sort order for the category.


Adding ?order=created after the URL looks like a hack to me, is there a button for it, or perhaps let the user choose to sort by activity or by creation time?

(Jeff Atwood) #4


Thanks for your response, but I meant that the option is not exposed to the user in the UI, despite that the URL can be manipulated, which is a little strange.

At least sorting by topic creation time should be default, as we can already sort by activity in the column. (Or vice versa.)