Sorting of posts: on home page or in "Latest" the "Description post" replies don't show up

I went through the whole Internet today yet no answer. How do I get, on the home page of my forum, in the section “Latest” appear the post that’s having the latest activity in it?.

Here is a shor video explainer for anybody willing to explain what am I doing wrong…

Etobic Forum - Latest activity - Watch Video

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Are the topics, that are not shown in latest, the topics, which are created when you create a category? These “about the category …” topocs are suppressed from latest. Even if you don’t use it as a describtion of the category.
I would just close the describtion topic to prevent users posting there. You can also unlist the topic, if you think you don’t need a topic describing the category.


I guess you solved all my headaches. Thank you!


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