SparkPost problems

Continuing the discussion from SparkPost just suspended the mail account I used with Discourse

Ok - having the same problem with sparkpost. It is really frustrating and a terrible customer experience. Was mailgun any better? Also were you on a dev account or paid? I’m wondering if this is trick to also get people to upgrade to higher levels of support…

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I’ve been impressed with mailgun support when I’ve needed it for deliverability issues (fairly uncommon). I’ve had hundreds of install clients use it and have few issues (mostly people not verifying their email address or providing a credit card number).


So have you checked that you don’t have bad links on your site or in your emails? That was the problem for the original poster.

These problems are frustrating but I this is not a ruse by SparkPost. They could not afford to develop such a bad reputation.

I sympathise with you. Personally, I’m happy to have the increased security but that was no compensation when I couldn’t get email working properly. I soon gave up self-hosting and went to a Discourse hosting provider for a year just to get around the email problem I couldn’t easily get resolved.

My latest new forum is on Mailgun based on what I heard in this forum.