Spell check on editing a post in MS Edge

(Rob Nicholson) #1

This is a “is this a bug or isn’t it” kind of post. When you edit an existing post on Windows Edge, the text isn’t spell checked so you can’t spot historical spelling mistakes. The workaround is to ctrl-a, ctrl-x and ctrl-v to effectively re-enter the text at which point it is spell checked.

Edge or Discourse problem?

(David Collantes) #2

I am 99% certain that Discourse has nothing to do with spellchecking, that is a browser/OS thing. I am on an iMac, and Safari/macOS do that for me.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

Agree with @David_Collantes - sounds like an issue with Edge. Editing a post on Windows with Chrome is spell checked for me.

(Rob Nicholson) #4

Chrome is better in that when you edit an existing post with a spelling error in it, the red squiggly line isn’t visible but the instant you make an edit, it then appears. This makes sense. Edge doesn’t do the same and the only way to force spell check is the cut & paste the text back.

I’ll try and see if I can repeat it on another system whereby you edit text. Out of interest, this appears to be inside a textarea tag. Is Discourse adding any functionality in this tag, e.g. JavaScript events that are effecting the content of the tag? I appreciate key up/down events etc. are being trapped to update the preview box.

I don’t have Safari but it sounds like it has a similar problem as covered in this post:

Considering this, I don’t think it’s 100% fair to say it’s Edge’s fault. It would be fairer to say that this is one of those many edge cases in the HTML standard. If there is a workaround for Safari, should there be a workaround for Edge?

Ohh this is interesting, I’ve edited this post a couple of times and the red squiggles are there now when I edit the message - without doing anything.

(David Collantes) #6

I use Safari, and have set spell checking to happen automatically, and it does. Like a charm! :slight_smile: That post is an antique, by the way.