Spurious "You were logged out" error on visiting a particular topic

This is odd. Whenever I go to this thread while logged into my admin account, I get an immediate “You were logged out” error dialog with a Refresh button. Clicking it (or pressing Escape) returns me to the previous topic list screen.

I first got this when trying to edit a post from the topic, and that post remains open for editing (in the second or two before I get the dialog).

Logging out manually and back in didn’t make a difference. Nor did replying to another post.

It’s not the end of the world, but is a little annoying. The topic remains accessible to other users as far as I know.

Anything I can try to fix it?

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Does it also happens after disabling plugins and rebuilding ?


A good suggestion, but before I had a chance to try it, I went back to that thread and it had somehow cleared the problem itself. What I think might have happened is that I replied to a post in another thread, and it brought up the draft of what I had been editing in the problematic thread. I was able to cancel out, and that may have cleared the state.

Sorry for the one-off alarm, but hopefully it’s a useful data point if you’re ever trying to figure something similar out.