Ssh into Discourse to change the design?

(Notklaatu) #1

I’ve installed discourse on CentOS 7.2 and all is going well so far. My main problem right now is that the web designer needs [thinks he needs?] access to the filesystem. I’d like to enable him to ssh into the discourse container remotely (that is, without being, also, logged into the host).

I’ve added a docker group and added the user to that group, but no matter what, ssh -p2222 fails. I assume there’s some place in the discourse config that I’m supposed to put ssh keys…?

What’s the right way to deal with this? or am I not even supposed to be trying to get access to the docker container in this way? Is there a better/preferred way?

(Sam Saffron) #2

I would strongly question that. Designers should be able to simply use “site customizations” in admin to achieve all the changes they need.

If the log into the container and muck around it is very likely they will lose all changes next time you rebuild.

(Notklaatu) #3

OK, I was beginning to suspect that. Thanks.