SSL Help for subdomain install?

I’ve installed my discourse server via DO and the automatic setup instructions on github successfully and am up and running at however it seems I don’t have a secure install.

I have a bluehost certificate where it says its istalled on the subdomain so im wondering if its an issue with that or if i should disable?

If you are running on DO, then it would be easiest to skip the other certificate and use the bundled Let’s Encrypt template:

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Should i de-activate on wordpress first? Not sure I can figure this out might have to hire someone.

No. Don’t change anything on WordPress. Just run discourse-setup again and give it an email address for let’s encrypt.

You can hire me if you want, but the above will almost certainly work. :wink:

ok - my page is up and running with users. it it safe to install let’s encrypt while my page is already running or will it to a fresh install?

yay thanks everyone!


I didn’t realize all i had to do was uncommment in the app.yml file.

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Good to know that you finally find a solution for SSL issue in your subdomain.

All you had to do was run discourse-setup again. It would uncomment the stuff, but you’re set now. Congrats!

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