Ssl issue after www referral, help?

Hello there,

I did the first installation without www. Now I want to login to the site as www. I did the discourse install for it again. But now I get an SSL error on can access the site as normal.

Problem didn’t improve because I didn’t do the www redirect from the admin panel




Did you set SSL for only www version ? or both ?

that’s the interesting part of the job. because I did not install an SSL. automatic ssl came on my discourse

See Redirect www Domain Not Working. You can also configure let’s encrypt for multiple domains, but it’s significantly harder.

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I tried to do what you said but I did not succeed if you have any other advice please help

Did you got to

You did not change the A record for to point to

That’s all you need to do.


I wonder if I’m doing right?

Access to the site was completely discontinued after doing this

You still need the www record. Did you delete it? doesn’t resolve, so something’s won’t with dns.

discourse again without www. I couldn’t do it. However, now is not directed to It was badly bad

The service that I directed you do was to do it the other way, to have be where discourse is and to redirect there.

If you want to have it the other way, and not have a cert error if someone accesses the wrong site with https, you’ll need to do it a way that is much more complicated.

So what I’m doing is I have to do something else?