SSO against Drupal

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I would like to use my existing SSO module implemeted using Drupal to auth discourse users.
I have been researching for a while and only found:

Alas, my ver is 5 and I see this module is only supported in Drupal 7.
I have also seen discourse-ubuntu-sso/plugin.rb at master · marcoceppi/discourse-ubuntu-sso · GitHub
Perhaps I can create a similar one but I am not certain what I should using as the authenticator?
I also tried using the standard SSO mechanism offered by Discourse but, even though it does redirect to my Drupal SSO, after authing, Discourse does not recognize I am signed in.

Any assistance will be appreciated, thanks,

(versvs) #2

Hi @jessp01,

This seems more a Drupal issue than a Discourse one (the ability to develop single SSO plugins has been working smoothly in Discourse for a while now), but i’m not sure in which point your SSO Authentication is struck.

In any case, keep in mind that it will be hard to get support from the Drupal community for a development based on D5, as Drupal 5 has been without support from the community since version 7 came out back in February 2011.

Best wishes,

(Jessp01) #3

Hello and thanks for the reply.
How can I go about using an existing MySQL DB as an auth method? I can
setup a url that discourse can query over HTTP, just need to know what
session params I need to set and where to redirect post auth…

Thanks again,

(Tarek Loubani) #4

After spending quite a while getting login integration, I finally have OAuth2 working between Discourse and Drupal. I think that would work much better than MySQL calls… See here:

I hope that saves some time for others!

tarek : )