SSO and invite tracking

I just discovered that the invites tracking page is missing on user profiles, when SSO is enabled. I miss this even though it’s only used now for inviting existing users to topics, because I’d like to be able to see whether the people I have invited to topics have actually gone to look at the topic. Would like to see this feature return, and also include a reference to the topic.

Also, and relatedly, there appears to be no way for moderators and admins to keep an eye on invitations to topics. It seems to me there should be some paper trail so there is accountability in case it turns out someone is abusing the invites system. Even assuming nobody is abusing it, it’s still nice to know if it’s being used, by whom, how often, and to which topics! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it seems like it could be pretty easy to notification-spam somebody by inviting them to all the topics. I haven’t tried doing it yet, so I don’t know if there’s any anti-spam measures in place.

No, this is not possible. Like everything else in Discourse it is rare limited.

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CanadianBacon9001 is probably glad you answered before I decided to see for myself. :3

Probably fine to test, just in case. Testing is always good.

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I like to test. I like to fiddle. I’ll let you know if it lets me spam the crap out of him.

I decided to be merciful and spam his test account instead of his main. I think I’ve done a couple dozen so far and it hasn’t tried to stop me, except when I accidentally clicked the same topic twice and it said he was already invited. Any idea what the rate limit is supposed to be?

@techapj can you verify that invites are rate limited as originally specified?

Rate limit was present on individual topic invitation, not in general. Just sent a PR to rate limit topic invitations: