SSO Causes 500 Server Error on Discourse Server

(Chet McDoniel) #1

I’m having trouble with my SSO which was working yesterday, and still works for accounts that have already been created. For a new user though, the SIG and PAYLOAD are sent and the Discourse server responds with a blank page and a 500 error. I would love to troubleshoot, but I can’t seem to find any logs with this… I have looked for logs, but my EC2 Unbuntu ssh responds that the /var/www/ directory doesn’t exist.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you look at ?

(Chet McDoniel) #3

Didn’t even know that existed! So, I’m getting “Bad signature for payload” however, this was working yesterday, and continues to work for those who already have an account.

(Chet McDoniel) #4

Ok, in looking at the env tab on that error, the Request URI has the full payload, but down a few lines from there under params:, the sso is significantly shortened, which would be why the signature is wrong. Any clue as to why Discourse isn’t using the full payload? It is base64 and then urlencoded…

(Stefan Sobering) #5

I just started running into this issue today. Was working fine yesterday, resume dev today, and suddenly I’m getting the same “Bad signature for payload” issue. What was your solution?