SSO Deactivation/Removal

How can I get the SSO deactivated on a site that was installed by Discourse??

Disable it in your site settings.

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My software engineer has asked that it be removed from the command line and we don’t have access to this.

I’m assuming that means you have a hosted install of Discourse?

To bypass SSO (or any other type of login), navigate to /u/admin-login and enter your email address. As an admin you’ll receive an email with a link to log into the site. Once logged in, navigate to site settings and disable SSO.

If for reason that doesn’t work (which would imply something else is wrong on the site) - email your hosting provider, they can change the setting for you from the command line.


If you mean that you paid for $99 install from Discourse (and not me I started doing them two years ago) and you’ve never logged in the the command line, you’ll really need to do an upgrade from the command line.

Are you hosted or self hosted (do you pay digital ocean or someone else). What version of Discourse are you running?