SSO does not redirect, is canceled instead

(Bgoldste) #1

Hi all! Am trying to get SSO set up with our domain. When I click login, nothing happens. In chrome inspector, I see that the request is getting cancelled and no redirect is happening:

sso?return_path=%2F GET (canceled) application-2744e9ff8c515050f35b1b6f8fd5b476.js:34 0 B 90 ms

I can’t really start getting this setup until I know how the actual redirect works. My plan was to have this send to a /sso on our server, print out the request, and then code from there.

Any ideas, help? Thanks!

(Kane York) #2

There are pretty thorough explanations here: Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

Or you could use one of the implementations that already exist.

(Bgoldste) #3

the issue was using local host as a dev env