SSO ...or not? (For a trio of programming sites)

(AstonJ) #1

I am setting up another two Discourse forums, so there will be 3 in total. All of them are programming related forums and there will be a prominent link to each in the header. I’m wondering whether to use one forum as the SSO provider or just keeping them three separate independent installs - what do you think?

The languages are Ruby, Elixir and Elm - so there’s certainly a lot of cross-over in terms of interest.

The downside is, if for any reason I no longer have time to admin one of the sites and would like to hand it over to someone else in the community, that wouldn’t be possible (or would it?).

Does anyone know if using one Discourse install as the SSO provider means that profile info if updated on one propagates to the other two forums - or will members have to fill in 3 separate profiles? (Would be better if their profile is maintained on just one forum - rather than having to repeat).

Interested in your opinions, both as Discourse admins and potential users.

(Michael Downey) #2

I’d keep them separate but enable social logins (github twitter etc).

But is there a reason to launch 3 sites rather than use categories & subcategories?

(AstonJ) #3

I’ll be using twitter and github auth :slightly_smiling: but yeah, I am leaning more towards individual forums too.

I only want to cover the languages that interest me tbh. I will also enable the mailing list option so it will be beneficial to keep them focused on a single language/topic.

(AstonJ) #4

Quick question about SSO and using Discourse as the provider.

If forum 1 is the provider, and someone goes to forum 3 and wants to log in - can they log in there or do they have to go to forum 1 to log in?

If they can log in at forum 3, do they get redirected after they log in back to forum 3, or to forum 1?

(Devin Rhode) #5

Hey @AstonJ I’m looking for some open source ember app to try and rewrite with elm. Discourse would test a lot of aspects of elm, but is such a massive project at this point, I’m not sure it’d get anywhere. It’d be nice if I knew a few people willing to beta test an elm-based discourse. Any interest?

Perhaps I could post on your elm related discourse forum?