SSO Redirect URL


(Harold Sánchez Balaguera) #1

Today, users get redirect to my SSO login URL when they’re logged out and need to be logged in to access a specific URL.

What I want to do is: dynamically add this specific URL as a parameter to my SSO URL when the user gets rejected.
If I’m able to do that, then I can redirect the user to that URL after a successful login.

Is that possible today or is it on the roadmap?

I’m currently trying to build a plugin to accomplish that.
So, if it’s not possible today and not on the roadmap (or too far away) I’d like to know what’s the best approach get that URL and add it on-the-fly to my SSO URL.

I think that redirecting to the URL that the user was trying to access is the desired behaviour for many sites out there.

And of course, other approaches on how to redirect the user to the URL he/she was trying to access would be much appreciated!