SSO with Devise, signing up doesnt work

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #1


Just want to report a bug for SSO when you combine it with devise. Basically, when you go to your forum, and press “login”, it redirects you to the sso url page. There, the user has the option to sign in, or follow a link to sign up. When the user follows the link to sign up, and submits the form, nothing happens. No confirmation email is sent, no sucess message is shown.


  1. Go to
  2. Press login
  3. Press the “Sign up” button in the bottom left. (DO NOT press the sign up button on the menubar)
  4. Fill out the form, and submit it.

Usually when you submit it, it will show a success message saying that a confirmation link has been sent, but in this case, nothing shows up and no email is sent.

Now, if you go directly to the signup page without going through the forum: (just click this link and try signing up, it will work), it works

If you dont get what I mean, let me know and I will rephrase this.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #2

Bumping this post. Let me know if you know whats going on.

(Khoa Nguyen) #3

I think this is not Discourse related. Check your site logic

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #4

@sam When you click login, what link does it redirect to?

Its weird, because it doesnt work for ONLY that button. I have no idea how to debug this issue.

BTW, im using this: Incorporating Discourse SSO with Existing Rails Site with Devise - Stack Overflow

(Sam Saffron) #5

sso expects that the endpoint caters for both signup and login. you don’t have your sso endpoint setup right.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #6

Sorry? I dont understand. There is both a login and signup on my site.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #7

Sorry to bother you @sam, but can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

(Sam Saffron) #8

you need 1 page that does both login and registration.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #9

Ohhh. OK. Thank you.