SSO + wordpress + app == possible?

(Erica Peterson) #1

I’m trying to figure out if Discourse will work with our existing setup.

We have a membership site, with our membership accounts and database managed by Wild Apricot. Our website is Wordpress, and we use Wild Apricot SSO to log our users on to the site so they can access protected content. The users log in via a Wild Apricot plugin, not the Wordpress login. Non-wordpress sites can also be configured to use Wild Apricot SSO (not through the plugin obviously).

Is it possible to use Discourse as a (private) forum in this scenario, using SSO from Wild Apricot?

Also, I understand there are Discourse apps available – do these work at all in an SSO scenario?

(Simon Cossar) #2

Do you want to give all members access to the same forum content, or are there different levels of users who will be given access to different parts of the forum?

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

A plugin already exist. You better ask plugin author @LeoMcA if need any assistance.

(Erica Peterson) #4

Let’s say #1 – all members should have the same access. If #2 were possible we would probably find a use for it, but that’s not a strict requirement.

(Erica Peterson) #5

Thanks very much – I’m contacting the author.

(Leo McArdle) #6

Just to keep all the discussion in one place, I’m replying to your message here.

Yes, there’s no reason why the discourse-wildapricot-auth plugin shouldn’t work with the iOS/Android Discourse notification apps, although I haven’t tested how great the UX is (what with popup windows being used, but that’s the same as how most other Discourse auth method work, so it should be the same as them).

As for which strategy is better (WildApricot → Wordpress → Discourse, or Discourse ← WildApricot → Wordpress), I’m not entirely sure. I imagine if you want Wordpress and Discourse to integrate nicely with each other, the first is the strategy you want to choose, but I expect @Simon_Cossar can speak more intelligently about that (since he’s the wp-discourse plugin author).

(Erica Peterson) #7

I (finally) got around to setting this up and WildApricot auth is working great – thanks! I have one question:

Ideally, I don’t want to have separate “sign up” and “log in” buttons. All my users already have WildApricot accounts, and many of them are going to be confused by the option to sign up. My login settings are as follows:

invite only NO
login required YES
must approve users NO
enable local logins NO
allow new registrations YES

I gather one way to do this would be to create an account for each existing member, using their WildApricot email address. However, then I would have to enable local logins, no? And users should only be using WildApricot auth. Furthermore, that would mean I’d have to keep tabs on new memberships in our organization, and keep creating Discourse accounts. Is there a workaround here?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Hide the button you don’t want with CSS maybe?

(Erica Peterson) #9

Perfect; thanks – sorry, didn’t realize that “login” with the WildApricot credentials would just automatically prompt account creation.