Stable channel 1.6 -> 1.7 upgrade poll

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So, the 1.7 has been released. Kudos to the team and contributors!

As so many of you are rolling on beta or tests-passed, I wan’t run a poll for stable channel users, who have already made the big jump from 1.6.x to 1.7. Have you experienced any issues with the upgrade?

  • No issues, all good.
  • I ran into problems (describe below)

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Discourse upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7
(ljpp) #2

Personally I upgraded my two small projects to 1.7 and everything works smoothly, with no issues. Still waiting a bit more before proceeding with my big community. Just to be sure.

(ljpp) #3

The poll is not getting the data.

  • Is nobody using the Stable channel?
  • Or has nobody upgraded yet?

(Mittineague) #4

A 3 day period over a weekend might not be the most active.

Personally, I update very frequently, but not to Stable.

AFAIK there are members here that run Stable, but I think most run tests-passed.

I see 2 “had problems” but didn’t post what they were. A shame. It doesn’t help in making improvements when it isn’t known what could use improving.


Run stable - just not done the update.

(ljpp) #6

Yeah, I was wondering the same. Stupid of me not to make the poll public, so that we could see the usernames.

(Brahn) #7

I just finished upgrading a multisite server that was on 1.6.1 plus a few dirty tweaks in the container to fix backups and something else I forget that were fixed in master but not patched to stable :slight_smile:

At the same time I was moving from Ubuntu 14 to 16 so I bootstrapped discourse on the new server locked at 1.6.1 and restored the database backups into that first. The upgrade from there to stable was pretty smooth.

Main issues were:

  • Had to put bundle exec rake db:migrate into web.template.yml directly due to the same issue described here. This has happened to me before when going from an older version.
  • Needed to update my app.yml multi domain replace efforts to letsencrypt to support the changes to the template since I last ran a rebuild. This is not specific to 1.6 --> 1.7, it’s just been a while since I did a rebuild so I was out of date.
  • Silly me had two occurrences of hooks: in my app.yml so it took me a moment to figure out why no plugins were being loaded. Probably a copy paste error when I migrated my settings from my old app.yml to the one generated by setup tool.

(ljpp) #8

The front-end has substantial changes, and our Battle Axe Theme needed Header and CSS modifications.