Staff Category Security Settings

(Steven Greco) #1

So at some point the Staff category had its security settings locked down as a pre-seeded category. But before this was enforced in an earlier version I had entered in another group to have access to this category. I can no longer make any changes and this group still has access. Is there a way to alter this or basically should i just empty the group? Will I then be able to delete it and it will remove itself from having access to that category.

(Steven Greco) #2

So deleting the group removed it from the staff category.

Just curious what the reasoning was behind locking down the security settings on pre-seeded categories?


(cpradio) #3

Because everyone keeps shooting themselves in the foot by altering them. If you don’t like the pre-seeded category, it is best to delete it and create one that has the permissions you really want.

(Steven Greco) #4

Thanks for the quick reply. Understood.