Staff Notes button on user profile mis-sized

The staff notes button shown to staff on a user’s profile is extra wide, likely due to the count displayed.



Do we really need the count here?


Yeah you do, otherwise you may be clicking on an empty dialog. It doesn’t need to be a full count necessarily but it needs to indicate that there’s already something to view there, it is not merely a passive button to enter the first one.

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I should have been clearer.

What I meant was: do we need to know the actual count of staff notes or do we only care about there being at least one note?

In the former, we might need to widen all other buttons or we’ll need to truncate the words.
In the later, we can replace the # with a * or an emoji to indicate there’s at least one note.

@maja can you replace the # with a * when there’s more than 1 note?